Our mission

The Porn Conversation is a non-profit project that offers free and easily accessible tools for families and educators to talk to young people about sex - beginning with the topic of porn.

At home
1 At home

Although it may not seem like it, most teens believe their parents are their biggest influence when it comes to making decisions about sex. We need families and trusted adults to use porn literacy to engage young people in conversation to let them know that sex is more complex than what they see in porn.

In school
2 In school

There is a massive need for comprehensive sex education at schools, but many schools lack the funding and resources to start. When sex education is provided at schools, it can be cis-heteronormative and excludes marginalised communities such as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled young people. We have created free tools for educators to provide comprehensive sex education lessons and activities for all communities.

3 Online

We understand that talking about sex with family and teachers can be embarrassing. So we have created a community hub for teens to share their stories and get the real information, including our anonymous chatbot where teens can ask all the questions they have about sex, sexual health, puberty and more!

Our values


Who are we?

Who founded
The Porn Conversation?

Pablo Dobner and Erika Lust
Erika Lust (she/her)
and Pablo Dobner (he/him)

Married couple and parents, founders of Erika Lust Films and The Porn Conversation.

Our sexologists

Bianca I Laureano<br/>  <small>PhD, MA2, CSES (she/her)</small>
Bianca I Laureano
PhD, MA2, CSES (she/her)

Award-winning educator and sexologist.

Avril Louise Clarke<br/> <small>MA (she/her)</small>
Avril Louise Clarke
MA (she/her)

Clinical sexologist and manager of
The Porn Conversation.

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