Who are we?

Who founded The Porn Conversation?

Hi there! We are Erika Lust and Pablo Dobner, a married couple living in Barcelona with our two daughters born in 2007 and 2010. Back in 2005 we started a production company to innovate how we consume pornography, creating content that is sex-positive and relevant for women. We were concerned about women and their partners not being able to find adult cinema made with an ethical production process, so we decided to do it ourselves! Now we own a successful company and Erika Lust Films is the vanguard of alternative erotic cinema.

However, now we are worried about something new: online pornography and the effect it is having on young people. The truth is, children are stumbling across porn at as young as 9 years years old - and we can't ignore this.

Without supportive conversations at home and comprehensive sex education at school,porn has become the new sex ed. Porn can be misogynistic, racist, and violent and leaves young people of all genders and sexualities with a misunderstanding of what sex is and what respectful relationships look like. With the ever-growing online sex culture of today, we can't stop the younger generation from ever being exposed to sexualised images.

But we can teach, we can talk, we can make children and teens aware and critical of the messages they are receiving. So we created this non-profit project to help provide families and educators free and easily accessible tools to teach and to talk with the younger generation - beginning with the topic of porn literacy.

Don't be afraid, have #thepornconversation with your children and students. The sooner the better!

Erika adn Pablo

Our sexologists

Avril Louise Clarke
Avril Louise Clarke
MA (she/her)

Avril Louise Clarke is a clinical sexologist and brand manager of the non-profit project The Porn Conversation, which provides comprehensive sex education tools for families and educators to educate young people at home and in school – beginning with the topic of porn literacy. Taking on the role acting as a liaison between production and performers, she is an intimacy coordinator on the set of Erika Lust Films. She also provides sex therapy to individuals and partners, taking an educational approach. Find out more about Avril at her website sexologygirl.com

Bianca I Laureano
Bianca I Laureano
PhD, MA2, CSES (she/her)

Bianca I Laureano is an award-winning educator and sexologist. She is a founding member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN) and her most recent project is ANTE UP! a virtual freedom school offering professional development and certification. She has written several curricula and is the lead writer for the Netflix film Crip Camp’s curriculum rooted in Disability Justice principles. She is an AASECT certified sexuality educator and supervisor, and in May 2020 was awarded an honorary doctorate from the California Institute for Integral Studies for her work in expanding the US sexuality field. Find out more about Bianca at her website BiancaLaureano.com and about ANTE UP! at AnteUpPD.com

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