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Nyssa Everhart

Holistic Sexuality Educator

I’m on a mission to help normalize conversations about sex and sexuality. I’m certified as a Holistic Sexuality Educator, have a certificate in Applied Spirituality and have a degree in Studio Art. I’m also a parent to one teen and the auntie of two more. Raising kids has been the biggest eye-opener for me when it comes to sex and sexuality. Once I became a parent, the challenges of raising a sex-positive person in a sex-negative world became crystal clear and I decided to do something to help.Using my educational and life experiences, I aim to help people understand the big picture of sexuality in order to reduce sexual stigma and shame.I created Barefaced game (an educational, sex-positive card game that makes you laugh) and facilitate Sexual Empowerment Workshops for teens and their caregivers. The main goal of my work is education, but connecting and having fun are important too. I believe in the power of play and shameless conversations!

Pronouns: (she/her)
Languages Nyssa speaks: English