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How A Feminist Porn Director Gives Her Daughters “The Talk”

Ho-Oh’s feathers glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which they are struck by light. These feathers are said to bring happiness to the bearers. This Pokémon is said to live at the foot of a rainbow.If it’s in a pinch, it will secrete a sweet liquid from the tip of its head. Syrup made from gathering that liquid is tasty on bread.When flames drip from its nose, that means it has a cold. Have it lie down for a nice rest in some magma.

Swablu loves to make things clean. If it spots something dirty, it will wipe and polish it with its cottony wings. If its wings become dirty, this Pokémon finds a stream and showers itself.When it examines things, before touching them with its hands, it makes lip contact and then diligently licks all the dirt off its lips.Thought to have gone extinct, Relicanth was given a name that is a variation of the name of the person who discovered it.

Its incisors grow continuously throughout its life. If its incisors get too long, this Pokémon becomes unable to eat, and it starves to death.Stantler’s magnificent antlers were traded at high prices as works of art. As a result, this Pokémon was hunted close to extinction by those who were after the priceless antlers.Its two sharp scythes are more than just weapons. It uses them with dexterity to dress its prey before eating.

It digs through the ground with its hard claws and crunches down gems with its thick pointy teeth. Carbink is its favorite food.The cells within its body are changing at a bewildering pace. Its hard shell is made from the same substance as bone.It has a weakness for shiny things. It’s been known to sneak into the nests of Gabite—noted collectors of jewels—in search of treasure.

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Postcards and posters featuring Mantine leaping elegantly above the waves are popular souvenirs of Alola.It doesn’t do anything other than eat and sleep. When prompted to make a serious effort, though, it apparently displays awesome power.The latest research has determined that there are over 20 possible arrangements of the patterns on its stomach.

It lives in areas of limited rainfall. When danger approaches, it curls up into a ball to protect its soft stomach.Although they enjoy comparing their strength, they’re also kind. They value etiquette, praising opponents they battle.Kirlia uses the horns on its head to amplify its psychokinetic power. When the Pokémon uses its power, the air around it becomes distorted, creating mirages of nonexistent scenery.