We're bringing sex-positivity to sex ed

Educational Tools

The Porn Conversation Curriculum & Activity Guides are free and easily accessible theoretical and practical resources for educators seeking tools to lead an age-appropriate comprehensive sex education program for their students.

View and download the curriculum & activity guides in English below. More languages to come! For any feedback or reviews, contact us here.

8 to 11-years-old 8 to 11-years-old
8 to 11-years-old
12 to 15-years-old 12 to 15-years-old
12 to 15-years-old
16+ years old 16+ years old
16+ years old

By the end of each curriculum, students must be able to understand and demonstrate the understanding of the following topics:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Puberty & Adolescent Sexual Development
  • Gender Identity & Expression
  • Sexual Orientation & Identity
  • Sexual Health
  • Consent & Respectful Relationships
  • Media Literacy / Porn Literacy
  • Interpersonal Violence

Educational Videos

Each month we will be releasing new educational videos to accompany the topics found in each curriculum!

What Educators Say

Sandra S.

The Porn Conversation curricula is written like a script, which made it easy to follow along and teach various age-appropriate and sex-positive topics.

Sandra S.

Sexual Health Educator, United States

Gavin W.

Comprehensive Sex Education tools are hard to come by. My students enjoyed the interactive activities and got a lot of value out of The Porn Conversation curriculum.

Gavin W.

Health Teacher, United Kingdom

Tanya R.

The Porn Conversation makes sex ed easy to teach (and fun!). My class found the discussion questions and activities enjoyable.

Tanya R.

8th Grade Teacher, United States