A project offering tools for parents to teach the younger generations about porn

Every day it’s more difficult to have control over what our kids are watching online. They are exposed to visual depictions of sex at very early ages. We think that prohibition and shame is not the answer, instead we believe in education and conversation. By choosing to shed light on the debate about online pornography , we are campaigning for more equipped and alert young beings, who are ready to make better choices; driven by knowledge, and not by fear.


1/3 of all internet traffic is porn

It’s very likely that your kids are going to stumble upon porn

Porn is today’s sexual education

Kids and teenagers search for porn when they are curious about sex

Porn is unavoidable

Red tubes and online free porn sites are only one click away

Young children are watching porn

At as young as 9, kids are accidentally stumbling across adult content

Our mission

The Porn Conversations offers tools for parents to use to instigate the talk at home. Our mission is to give adults the opportunity to help kids and teens make smart and informed decisions regarding pornography. Today we need more than sex education at school - we need parents to have the porn conversation.

Get you talking with your kids and teens

Porn can confuse teens about how sex connects with sensuality and relationships, often separating sex from emotions. It also gives teens unrealistic expectations about how to look and act. We need you to show them that sex is a lot more complex than what they see online.

Encourage you to teach, not criticise

It's key when you talk to your kids about sex and porn that you encourage understanding rather than just telling them not to watch it - because if you do that, they'll never talk to you about it.

Provide you with guides for having the talk

We provide ideas and information for you to start a positive and educational conversation, including different documents for different age groups. And we believe the best people to educate your kids is you. We feel that through our experience we can offer some guidance.

Who are we?


Erika Lust & Pablo Dobner

Hi there! We are Erika Lust (Stockholm, 1977) and Pablo Dobner (Buenos Aires, 1970), a married couple living in Barcelona with our two beautiful daughters aged 6 and 9. Back in 2005 we started a production company to innovate the chauvinistic world of porn, creating content that is sex positive and relevant for women. We were concerned about women and couples not being able to find ethical adult cinema, so we decided to do it ourselves! Now we own a successful company and Erika Lust Films is the vanguard of smart, feminine and feminist erotic cinema.

However, now we are worried about something new: the easy access to crappy porn and horrible sites that kids and teenagers have. Kids are stumbling across porn at as young as 9 or 10 years old - and we need to take action. We've realised this can't be solved by banning bad porn, in the same way banning drugs hasn't helped in society either.

But we can teach, we can talk, we can make our kids aware and critical. So we are starting this project to help parents and teachers talk about online pornography with their kids and teens.

Don't be afraid, have #theporntalk with your daughters and sons. The sooner the better.

Erika and Pablo

Educational Tools

Parents, teachers, educators, take action! If you are ready to have the talk but you have no clue about what to say, here are three guides to help you.

For kids
under 11 years old

view and download

For teens
between 11 and 15 years old

view and download

For teens
over 15 years old

view and download


We have gathered videos and articles that will help you learn more about porn and the impact that it’s having today on the younger generations. If you find other interesting videos or articles, please share them with us at [email protected]


How to teach teenagers to think critically about porn

Emily F. Rothman shares how her mission to end dating and sexual violence led her to create a pornography literacy program that helps teens learn about consent and respect.

watch video
Consent For Kids

Help kids of all ages understand how to practice consent.

watch video
The Porn Talk: The Time is Now #TOA17

Erika Lust and Pablo Dobner, founders of The Porn Conversation, give a talk at Tech Open Air 2017

watch video
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Below you can find educators, therapists, coaches and more who share the values of The Porn Conversation. You are free to contact them at the email address provided to discuss booking a session with them; hiring them to speak at a parents meeting, or in your local community; inviting them to a school or anything else they offer.

The Porn Conversation will not be involved in these exchanges/bookings, we leave it between you and them. We hope you find what you need!
Evelyn Maucher
send mail
Dr. Lanae St.John
Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Coach
San Francisco, CA
send mail
Nicole Broadhurst
R.Ac, TCMD, Sexual Health Educator
Edmonton, AB Canada
send mail
Dawn Serra
Educator, Sex & relationship coach
Vancouver, BC, Canada
send mail
Sophie Hemery
Sex Journalist & Activist
London, UK
send mail
Taara Rose
Sex-Positive Mentor for Non-Monogamy
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
send mail
Sunny Rodgers
Clinical Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach
Los Angeles, CA
send mail
Dr Karen Gurney
Clinical Psychologist & Psychosexologist
London, UK
send mail
Angela Voegele
Sex Therapist
Gaithersburg, MD, USA
send mail
Matthew Ridley
Psychotherapist and Clinical Counsellor
Victoria, BC, Canada
send mail
Laura Cruz
Psychologist and Sexologist
Alicante, Spain
send mail
Doktor Nils
Medical Doctor and Sex Educator
Oslo, Norway
send mail
Ps. Rodrigo Jarpa Schäcker
Doctor in Human Sexuality
Santiago de Chile, Chile
send mail
Tamara Villanovoa
Sex Educator
send mail
Julie Miller
Social Worker & Sex Educator
British Columbia, Canada
send mail
Dr. Kelifern Pomeranz
Sex Therapist and Relationship Expert
Menlo Park, California
send mail
Cornely Nijholt
Sexual Health Consultant
Den Bosch, The Netherlands
send mail
Luana Cunha Ferreira
Psychologist & Family Therapist
Lisbon, Portugal
send mail
Stephanie Mitelman
AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator
send mail
Maude Painchaud Major
Sex Educator
Montreal, Canada
send mail
Metta May
Sex & Wellness Coach
St. Louis, MO, USA
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